I'm having a what kind of event? at
    on the starting at what time?


    Do you travel?

    We’ll drive, or sometimes even Rex Air to anywhere in Victoria… and we might even sneak over the border, just for fun. There’s a small additional investment – a per km $ amount, per muso – involved if you need us to travel which is tallied in our booking form. We’ve kept it super simple for you.

    Will you bring all your own sound equipment?

    You betcha! For some particularly large weddings (e.g. ~200+ guests) there may be an additional production charge so we can make sure we have all you’ll need for a damn fine-soundin’ time. We’ll have a wired mic available to you, but if you want a wireless mic as well (or any number of awesome optional extras like lighting, battery-powered speaker etc.), you can add this to your booking.

    How do we book Party Shirt Music?

    To book us, instant book and pay the $450 deposit through our book now page to lock in a date.

    Two months prior to your event date we will contact you to finalise your song request and run sheet. Two weeks out, we will finalise all event details and no further changes are able to be made.

    Will the DJ be real or just some dude with a playlist?

    We book real DJs! A DJ has real skill; they mix, they read the faces of every crowd member, they employ a range of fantastic dance moves designed to engage and enrapture any audience. For a discounted rate, we can most definitely let you play your own playlists (or even one of ours) through our sound system if that’s more your vibe.

    Can I contact the musicians directly to organise anything?

    We love all enquiries to come through our booking team. This is so we can make sure all your needs, interests and booking requests are packaged up prim and proper for your Party Shirt crew to arrive and do what they do best: get down to (party) business.

    Do we have to feed the musos?

    If you only want to book your live band or DJ for the last 3 hours of your event, there’s no need to supply anything for us to eat. It’s the same kind of deal if you’re booking an acoustic artist/team for the early evening. If you want us there early or around the time a meal is scheduled, we ask you supply us with a meal and drinks as well so we can keep our energy levels primed.

    How long will the musicians perform for?

    Live band:

    Our standard booking period for our Party Shirt live band is 5 hours in which we’ll play 120 minutes of live party music. Hell yeah.

    A standard event would look something like this:

    • 3 x 40mins of party music, or
    • 2 x 40min party music sets and 1 x 40min chill set, or
    • 1 x 40min party set and 2 x 40min chill sets, or
    • 3 x 40min chill sets

    It’s completely up to you. 

    We’re also fully qualified ninjas. You might choose to have us arrive at 7pm, stealthily set up for an 8pm start, then blow you and your guests away for the ensuing evening. 



    If you book one of our DJs, they’ll be there for 5 sweet hours.



    The duration of your acoustic artist/team’s stay is negotiable.

    When will the band arrive and how long do they need to set up?

    You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got our setup game down to a fine art. We’ll rock up with plenty of time (usually just over 1 hour before our designated start time) and be ready to go when you need us to be. We don’t do big, loud sound checks, so you can rest easy knowing the start of the set will be super killer, and super smooth.

    What size band should I choose?

    We offer a range of band sizes to suit all budgets and venue sizes.* 

    *But the biggest band is totally the best.